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TMP Hydraulic Press Designs

TMP, A Division of French

TMP Manufactures Custom Industrial Hydraulic Presses, Compression and Transfer Presses

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1300-Ton Heavy Duty Slab Side Hydraulic Press

TMP offers a broad range of custom hydraulic presses from 5 to 3,000 tons with various cooled and heated platen designs for bonding, compression molding, forming, laminating and transfer molding. Customers in more than 1,500 locations in over 16 countries rely on TMP molding systems to meet their objectives for product quality and process efficiency with lower life cycle costs.

  • Four-post compression molding presses
  • Slab-side presses
  • C-Frame and H-Frame presses
  • Window frame presses
  • Vacuum molding presses
  • Transfer molding presses
  • Circuit board and plastic card laminators
  • Hydraulic presses with multiple daylight openings
  • Cooled & heated platen presses
  • Lab presses
  • Rebuilds, retrofits and automatic hydraulic press upgrades
  • Hydraulic press replacement parts including seals, glands and platens

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The TMP Advantage

For three decades, the world’s leading producers of rubber goods, circuit boards, laminates and composites have chosen TMP hydraulic presses for their manufacturing processes. TMP offers:

  • Robust mechanical designs, accurate machining and precise guiding techniques ensure press alignment and durability
  • Custom electrical and hydraulic controls known for their efficiency, flexibility and long-term reliability
  • Vacuum molding press technology to improve process efficiency and eliminate trapped gas and material flow defects
  • Molding technology readily adapted to each customer’s process
  • Expert technical and field support available for the life of the press

The Advanced Control Systems

The TMP-designed and supported hydraulic press control systems are microprocessor-based systems designed to improve product quality through better pressing accuracy, repeatability, versatile process control programming and monitoring of process data. Each system is proven for its ability to precision-mold or laminate a wide range of materials and products.

Process Automation & Upgrades

  • Mold and platen shuttles
  • Mobile operator platforms
  • Material feeding systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • More