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Dewatering Screw Press

dewatering hydraulic pressFrench Polymer Dewatering Screw Presses are designed to accept a free-drained feed material in a 40-60% water content range and dewater the material by expression to a discharge moisture in the 6-12% range.

Commercial size machines are designed to meet the process requirements of the customer. Many models are available; and the particular model best suited for the job will depend on capacity and type of material and amount of water to be removed:

  • The capacity determines the diameter (7”, 10.25”, 14”, 16”, and 18” diameters are available). Capacity ranges of 500 kg/hr to 12 metric tons/hr. Gearbox and machine designs range from 150 hp to 1,500 hp.
  • The type of material and amount of water to be removed determines the length to diameter ratio. Our machines can range from 3:1 to 6:1.

Download our brochures to learn more about the our synthetic rubber dewatering screwpress designs and capabilities.

Special features of French Dewatering Screw Presses:

1. French Cone Mechanism – This provides an adjustability through a 360 degree uniform annular opening. This controls the pressure exerted on the material and the amount of water removed.
2. Proprietary shaft arrangement design and barrel construction for efficient water removal and low solids loss.
3. Strong, heavy-duty mechanical design to overcome any upset condition and provide a long life with low maintenance.
4. Shaft support on both ends results in very little rubbing and wear and the ability to use standard materials of constructions instead of more costly wear resistant materials.
5. We offer high-quality spare parts for our dewatering hydraulic presses – both for today’s models and our first presses started in the 1950’s.

Do you have a material that is very difficult to dewater? Usually we can handle it with our dewatering hydraulic press; but when necessary, we have a two-stage model that has two cone mechanisms, one mounted mid-press and one at the discharge. This machine will give the ultimate in control and consistency, a necessity in a mechanical drying finishing line.